Optimal Patient scheduling

Data-driven patient scheduling

Reduce wait times by 20-40% and maintain or increase patient volume without extending your last patient interaction time past historic levels.

Preference Gatherer

Incorporate clinician preferences

Ensure optimized patient scheduling templates continuously reflect your clinician’s individual preferences. Submit the number and mix of appointment slots, the slot times that are to be locked for specific visit types, the timing and duration of breaks, and the start and end of the workday. Quickly review the fill rates, wait times, cycle times, and length of workday for each patient scheduling template to quickly identify the best adjustments to achieve operational objectives.

Workload Management

Balance shared resources

Synchronize patient scheduling templates across clinicians to optimally allocate shared space, equipment, and care team support staff and reduce workloads.
Template Management

Easily manage and track patient scheduling templates

Easily select, update, and track every patient scheduling template and ensure that clinicians, clinic managers, patient access, and operational leaders are always on the same page.

Video Tours

Scheduling Core

A quick tour of Scheduling Core.

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