Real-time patient flow management

Patient status and location

See where patients are, how long they have been waiting, and which care team staff member is with each patient in real-time. Set wait time thresholds to automatically trigger alerts for when patients have been waiting too long and intervene in ways that improve the experience of care.

Real-time Space Management

Room occupancy and cleaning status

See which rooms are available and the cleaning status of every clinical room to help move patients through their visit with minimal delay while keeping staff and space adequately utilized.

PAtient Experience

Predicted wait time displays

Display your patient's predicted wait time with real-time displays in waiting rooms. Predicted wait times are automatically displayed for each patient upon check-in, requiring no action on part of front desk staff.
Waiting Room Occupancy Management

SMS alerting

Text predicted wait times and ready-to-room notifications to patients waiting in parking lots or other areas outside of the clinic to minimize waiting room occupancy.

Video Tours

Workflow Core

A quick tour of Workflow Core real-time displays.

Workflow Pro

A quick tour of Workflow Pro predictive texts.

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